Matteo Riondato

Contact info


My current projects are hosted on my personal GitHub, or on the Data* Mammoths GitHub.
I am also a committer for NetworKit, a toolkit for high-performance network analysis.

ChaTo-notes: a LaTeX package to insert notes, todo lists, questions, and answers. It is useful when writing papers with multiple authors.

RadeProgrFI: Mining Frequent Itemsets through Progressive Sampling with Rademacher Averages.

Centrsampl: If you are looking for the software to approximate betweenness centrality via sampling, check out the implementation in NetworKit as ApproxBetweenness.

PARMA (only for archival purposes): Frequent Itemsets and Association Rule Mining for MapReduce (Paper).
PARMA is also used inside Apache SAMOA, Yahoo's platform for Big Data streams analysis.

In my salad days, I was a FreeBSD committer, and the release engineer for FreeSBIE 2.x.