Matteo Riondato

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At Amherst College, I regularly teach:

  • COSC-254 Data Mining (Spring'19, Spring'21)
  • COSC-257 Databases (Fall'19)
  • COSC-351 Information Theory (Spring'23)
  • COSC-355 Network Science (Spring'20, Fall'22)
  • COSC-111 Intro to CS 1 (Spring'19, Fall'19, Spring'20, Fall'20 (x2), Spring'21, Fall'22)

I often supervise independent study courses on machine learning, data mining, or other topics of interest, e.g.:

  • Topics in Data Science
  • Database Implementation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Regression and Time Series Analysis

In Fall'19, '20, and '22, I also taught "COLQ-390H Learning by Doing: Internship and Fieldwork Reflection", the half-credit course to satisfy the CPT requirement for international students who did an internship.

At Brown, I taught Optimization Methods in Finance in Spring'16 and Spring'18.